Knowledge Base Advanced Features
Add a template with one to 9 inputs
View all your inputs at the same time
Hotkeys and shortcuts
Create a scene or macro with inputs on multiple layers at once
Add or edit a playlist
Add animations to my LiveU Studio input
Manage user account
Add a new user/admin to my current project
Monitor the state of my instance and of my feeds
Sub account
Add sub account (project) to my main account
How to sync multiple live sources?
Crop & Aspect ratio
How to crop or change the aspect ratio from one of my inputs (VOD/Live source/..)?
Ultra Low Latency
How to enable Ultra-Low Latency?
Advanced hotkeys management
Use the Elgato Streamdeck to manage my hotkeys more easily (advanced users)
Multiple Languages workflows
How to set up a Multiple Languages event with LiveU Studio?
Real time translation with an interpreter
Set up a live show including Real time translation with an interpreter
Live Captions
How to set up a show with live captions?
Project monitoring
Supervise all my sub-accounts (projects) in one page
Advanced audio options
How to use the advanced audio options?
Isolation URL
Isolate an input or the program in a separate window (WebRTC)
How to use a custom stinger transition?
Interlaced & Progressive
Does LiveU Studio support interlaced feeds?
RTMP to Akamai (Multi-quality HLS)
How to ingest an RTMP feed and output it in multi-quality HLS for Akamai
Multicam to multi Channel
How to publish multiple cameras to multiple Studio channels using a LU800 (LRT)