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How to use the advanced audio options?

Please note that the advanced audio option is only available on request to one of our sales representatives.

Once enabled you will have access to an advanced audio panel for your RTMP/SRT input, etc.

In order to access the audio options you just have to:

  • Go to the Production (1)
  • Open a live input editor panel (2)
  • Go to the Tracks section (3)

You can now select an audio track (4) and apply the advanced audio settings (details below).

Please also note that if you don't select an audio track on the inputs on which you want to use these options, this one will not be taken into consideration.

Please note that an audio track must be selected. If the audio track is set to "auto" the advanced options will not be taken into consideration.

The following audio options are available:

  • stereo (default)
  • rstereo (switch left and right)
  • left (left to stereo)
  • right (right to stereo)

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