Add animations to my LiveU Studio input

You can add animation on some input by clicking on the pencil (1) and open the "animation" settings panel (2).

Available for the following inputs only:

  • Image
  • Texte
  • Webpages
  • Video
  • Template
  • Social input
  • Live sources

You can create animations "on show", "on hide" and/or add an effect for the time it is displayed on the screen.

For each animation, you can select (3) :

  • the animation type
  • its duration*
  • the delay before the animation starts

*Note about the duration of the animation: “On show duration = 0ms" means NO animation. You need to increase the "On show duration" to see the animation performing.


From now on, when you activate this input in the program, a fade animation will play for the predefined duration instead of the default instantaneous cut without animations.

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