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How to crop or change the aspect ratio from one of my inputs (VOD/Live source/..)?
  • To access the cropping/aspect ratio feature, please follow steps 1 to 4.


  • contain (default): The image keeps its original aspect ratio but resized so that the longest of either the height or width can fit in the given dimensions.
  • cover: The image keeps its original aspect ratio and the image area is completely covered.
  • fill: The replaced contents are sized to fill the box with contents. The actual size of the object is determined by the height and width of the element. It is therefore stretched to fill the box.

The "Fit x" & "Fit y" property is used to specify how an image or video should be positioned with x/y coordinates inside its “own content-box”.

The default value it takes is "Fit x: 50% Fit y: 50%". This is the reason when we apply "Fit: cover" the image is positioned in the center by default.

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