Isolate an input or the program in a separate window (WebRTC)

Isolation URL allow you to open a specific input in another tab or device. 

With the isolation URL you can do :

- ISO Recording of a remote capture input locally
- ISO recording of a remote capture input in LiveU Studio (in another control room)
- Display a remote guest on a TV / screen in Studio mode in front of the artist / Host

Please note that this URL is only available in the testing or publishing phase.

This is not a link intended for the audience. In order not to overload the server, the link cannot be opened more than 3 times simultaneously.

To find the Isolation URL of an input:

  • Open the control panel of the wished input (A).
  • Copy the provided isolation URL (B).

Isolation URL Parameters

You can add one or several parameters to the viewer URL depending on your needs.

At the end of the provided URL, you simply need to add ?first_parameter=value&second-parameter=value, etc.

The order of the parameters does not matter.

Parameter “Label”

This parameter allows you to display the name of the input you are isolating.


  • 20: size of the label in pixels
  • 2: X margin (left and right) between 0 and 5
  • 1: Y margin (top and bottom) between 0 and 5
  • RGB Alpha in hexadecimal (red, green blue and alpha optional)
    • RGB: from 00 to FF for each (black to white)
    • Alpha: 00= not visible or fully transparent, FF = full opacity

Parameter “Background”

The background color or image of the web page which displays the isolated input/program.

bg=hexadecimal color code or image url

Note: all standard image formats are accepted, even animated ones like GIF, but videos are not supported. We recommend using a 1920p x 1080p image resolution.


  • bg=F333FF
  • bg=

Parameter “Radius”

Radius allows you to round the corners of a label.

Radius in px

exemple : ?label=20,2,1,000000AA&radius=5

Parameter “WebRTCquality”

This parameter allow you to change the display quality


  • fhd (1080p)
  • hd (720p)
  • sd (360p)
  • mobile (240p)
  • thumbnail (144p 3fps)

Parameter “Audio”

To enable the audio from the isolated input/program. You only need to interact with the page and click on “M”.

Parameter “LightEmojis”

To display emojis animations in a light way, so each emoji just appears one time but bigger than with the default animation mode (only available for the LiveU Studio remote guests in WebRTC).


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