How to set up a show with live captions?

You want to set up a real-time translation of your live event but you don't have an interpreter? Live captions are for you!

Set up a live show with live captions will allow you to:

- Simultaneously translate your live event even if you don't have an interpreter.
- Maximize your audience by offering a translation of your live show in several languages.

In order to set up your LiveU Studio with live captions:

  • Provide this URL to your live caption provider so that it can read the stream. (if you don't have a live caption provider we can put you in touch with some of them, just contact us by chat/mail).
  • Add a Webpage input and paste the URL provided by your live caption provider.
  • Add a RTMP pull input and paste the RTMP URL provided previously.
  • Add some delay to your pull input. Depending on the encoder used, you will need to set a delay of 8 to 30 seconds so that the translator is synchronized with the output stream.

Your live caption banner appears, you can test the good reception of the captions and start the publication and recording.

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