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How to set up a Multiple Languages event with LiveU Studio?

A Multiple Language event is the fact of simultaneously broadcasting your live event on all your broadcasting points, but in different languages so that the whole of your community can take part in the broadcast whatever the language they speak.

Set up a Multiple Languages event with LiveU Studio will allow you to:

- Broadcast your event in any language you choose (FR, EN, ES...).
- Give foreign audiences the opportunity to follow your event live.
- Increase the amount of interactions on your digital event : more people can understand the topic of your live broadcast.

Follow the tips below to set up a Multiples Languages event with LiveU Studio:

First, you need a clean feed, locally created or not, but you need a clean feed, a clean feed is a show without any comment in any language.

Language 1 / Project 1

  • Go to the remote guest settings (A & B).
  • Select a template with one asset.
  • Select the Push clean feed.
  • Apply the changes.

Please note that you need to be an Admin on the account to create new projects / sub-projects.

Language 2 / Project 2

  • Add a RTMP Pull input.
  • Paste the RTMP View URL copied previously in the project 1.
  • Add a remote capture input with the RTMP Pull clean feed as video return.

Do the same for each sub-project/language desired. Please note that if it's an LiveU Studio SRT URL you need to contact LiveU Studio by chat in order to receive the specific procedure.

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