View all your inputs at the same time

The multiview feature allows you to:

  • Have a look at all your assets* and program at the same time.
  • Listen to the audio of one feed and the program.

To access the multiview feature:

  • Check that you're in the Testing or Publishing Phase (1).
  • Open the multiview module (2).

Once your assets have been configured, you can go further with the following settings. Keep in mind that the Multiviews' configurations only impact your own computer: the other members of your team will be able to pick a different template and assets.

  • A. Delete the current asset.
  • B. List all available assets. Select one to set it to this tile (will replace the previous asset).
  • C. Manage the audio volume of the input.
  • D. Enable the audio feedback of this input on the headphones. (Only available if live input or video asset).
  • E. Manage local video feedback (No video, mobile, SD, HD, FHD). (Only available if live input or video asset).
  • F. Enter this asset's fullscreen mode. (Only available if live input or video asset).

(You are limited to 5 multiview per computer)

*Please note that you can only preview the following types of input in the multiview:

  • Live sources
  • VOD
  • Playlists
  • Images

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