Add or edit a playlist

With LiveU Studio, you will be able to mix your live content with pre-recorded one to make your live session as dynamic as possible!

Add or edit a playlist in your LiveU Studio will allow you to:

- Enhance the content you already have using.
- Manage advertising clips as a media playlist during your live stream.
- Select specific video, audio & CC tracks on the fly.
- Broadcast best-of or marathon re-runs in just a few clicks.

To add a playlist please follow this steps:

  • In the Production (1).
  • Add a new Input (2).
  • Go to the Video/Playlist section (3).
  • Select Add playlist (4).

The playlist management interface will open up, you can now:

  1. Add your media(s)*
  2. Order them
  3. Check all parameters **
  4. Launch the playlist -> play button

* Media(s):

You can import media(s) from :

  • Your local files (Max 5Gb)
  • URLs (No size limit)
  • Your media bin

** Parameters:

  • Play count: Number of times the video (or playlist) will be displayed.
  • Loop: You can loop all the playlists or just one media.
  • Empty: Delete definitely all media on the list. 
  • Export: This will export you a file in an LiveU Studio (.elp) format.
  • Import: Note that you can only import a playlist that was previously exported via LiveU Studio.

Recommended encoding setup

  • Container: MPEG-4 (.mp4) / MKV or WebM
  • Encoding: H264 or H265 (HEVC)
  • Audio Encoding: AAC
  • Frame size: Up to 1920x1080
  • Subtitle track: subtitle track embedded in VOD (.sub, .srt, .txt, .subt, ...) -> more info about the supported subtitles codecs

Example of VOD with subtitles

How to play the playlist in a workflow with several inputs?

Please note that it's imperative to start a media in the playlist by clicking on the play button (even if I have a short cut configured).
To switch from one playlist to another, please check that your second playlist is already started.

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