Add sub account (project) to my main account

A sub-account/project is only useful in 2 cases, if you want to:

  • Perform several live events at the same time
  • Manage several different workflows

Adding a sub-project will allow you to have separate spaces in which you can create custom workflows and reuse them whenever you want.

Please note that you need to be an Admin on the account to create new projects / sub-projects.
If you are not an admin, you have the editor privileges only, you can't see the "+" button, please contact your account administrator.

To add a new sub-project:

  • Open the Account Management tab (1).
  • Click on the "+" button (2).
  • Enter a name for your sub-account
  • Select the sub-account region
  • Select its language
  • You will be automatically redirected to the newly created project (sub-account).

To return to your main account (or go to another sub-account) simply click on your account name (1) and select the wished account.

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