Add a template with one to 9 inputs

A template is a pre-designed graphic that you can use as you wish during your live streams.
It allows you to custom your live session matching with your graphic charter and your brand image in a simple and effective way.

Using templates for your live events will allow you to:

- Reduce the amount of time.
- Stand out from the competition with new formats.
- Protect your content by adding your logo.
- Monetize your content by having "sponsored by" appear in your template with the mention of your partner.
- With a template, you can have all the elements on the same line (layer) on your LiveU Studio .

It is very easy to add a template on your LiveU Studio . All you have to do is:

  1. In the Production.
  2. Add and position your desired inputs on the same layer.
  3. Add a Template type input on the same layer.
  • Select a template in the list, the available inputs on the line (2) will be added by default on the selected template.

You can now edit the parameters of your Template input such as:

  • Modify the displayed sources.
  • Change the template (from 1 to 9 inputs).
  • Change the default background of the template.

NOTE : If you’re using remote capture input, remember to check your guests set up ( video + audio return).

New feature: if you are on version 14.3 or higher you also have the possibility to add a transition animation between the inputs of a template.

For example, below the transition activated (transition duration >1ms) and deactivated (duration = 0ms), you will see that once activated, when changing the current template  from 2 to one input displayed (with an hotkey for example) a transition will occur.

Animation disabled -> transition duration = 0 ms

Animation enabled -> transition duration >1ms

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