Manage audio with LiveU Studio

The audio mixer is the audio controller of your entire production.  

The audio mixer  is useful where there is a need to modify the audio coming from multiple sources to create a clear, solid mix.

You have the possibility to centralise the audio management of each live source you are ingesting in LiveU Studio  and organize each of them independently

A red light will appear at the top of each input to indicate:  selected on the program, it means it is currently on air.

The different signals are summed to produce the combined output signal, which can then be broadcast.

In the audio mixer you are able to control :

  • Your output : The program
  • Your inputs : all the live sources ( Guests, Vod, live feeds, etc.) 

By default, the audio return of your inputs/program is disabled.

In order to enable them you have 2 options:

1. In the Audio Mixer

A. Click the  speaker icon to Mute/Unmute an audio input.

For streaming purposes, by default, all audio inputs and the actual mix for the program are activated so that your audience will hear everything that is selected on air (on the program).

B. Enable audio return on the headphones for this input.

For monitoring purposes, by default, all audio returns of your inputs and program are disabled so that you, as the operator/producer can choose exactly what you want to listen to. 

You can create your own local mix on your local device. On a second device you would need to create another mix.

C. Enable the audio return of an input in the program without displaying it (audio only).

For streaming and / or monitoring purposes you can add an input to the program, even if its video is not active on the program.

2. In the Multiview section.

  • A new window will open. Many templates are available, select one in the list.
  • Edit the displayed assets with the blue "..." button.
  • Enable the audio return by clicking on the headphone button.

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