What is a layer and how to use it to make a great livestream?
  • A layer corresponds to a program plan:
    • The top layer corresponds to an element/input displayed in the front plane (A).
    • The lowest layer will correspond to an element/input in the background (B).
  • You can only have one active element/input at a time on each layer (except the lines including a "Template" input).

LiveU Studio recommendations: To keep things as simple as possible do not use too many layers and try to group the elements that can.

  • You can change the position of your inputs in the layers via:
    • Drag&drop.
    • Using the available arrows.
    • By right-clicking on an element (C).
How to delete a layer?
  • Only an empty layer (with nothing on it) can be deleted by clicking on the red trash.

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