How to stream from Larix Broadcaster to LiveU Studio

Larix Broadcaster is a free application allowing you to stream in RTMP or SRT.

After creating your live source (RTMP or SRT on the LiveU Studio side) we will start by checking the following parameters on your Larix application.



Video settings:

Keyframe frequency: 2 sec.

Adaptative bitrate mode: Check the Larix provided recommandations.


To send in SRT throught Larix, copy the URL and Streamid provided previously by LiveU Studio and paste it in the URL and Streamid field on the Larix side.

In case of problem during the sending of the stream (unstable stream or stream that does not start on LiveU Studio) we invite you to reduce your sending bitrate on Larix and/or to increase the latency until the stream remains stable.

To send in RTMP throught Larix you just need to copy the provided Stream URL and Stream Key (1), and paste it in the URL field on the Larix side (2).

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