How to use and manage my LiveU Channels (LRT)?

Using LiveU Studio channels will allow you to:

  • Feed up to 8 LRT at the same time in Studio.
  • Make a quick link between Studio and LiveU Central -> no need to worry about channels or their configuration, everything is automatic.

To add a new LiveU LRT intput/channel in Studio:

  • Enter the Production Studio (1).
  • Start the test phase (2).
  • Add an input (3).
  • In the Live Source tab (4).
  • Select LiveU Channel (5).

A list of 8 channels will appear, you can add 1 at a time.

  • Select a channel in the list.
  • click on "Use channel".

If you want to receive more streams from LiveU Central, repeat the operation.

Your channel is now added in the Studio Production tab (6).

  • Go to your LiveU Central tab and click on the Unit you want to send the feed from (7).
  • Open the list of available channels (8).
  • You will see that the channel you added earlier on Studio has just been added to the list of available channels. Wait until the channel is running (green) and select it.
  • Click on Start (9) to send your stream from your LiveU Unit to your Studio.

Go back to your Studio. Your stream is received.

If all is good, click on Start publishing to publish your stream on all configured broadcasters and output point.

When your live is over please remind to click on the "end" button. That will stop the server running your event and will disable the LiveU Channel available from LUC a few minutes after stopping your event.

If you have added a LiveU Channel input in the Studio but you don't see it in your LiveU Central account:

  • Check that your event is sheduled to start in less than 15min or is in testing or publishing phase (else you will not be able to see your Studio channel in LUC).
  • Contact your LiveU sales engineer.