One-Touch Live Streaming With the LiveU Solo

Getting started with the Solo is super-easy. To begin:

  • Go to LiveU’s dedicated Solo page and create your free account. Connect your Solo to the internet using the method of your choice.
  • Enter the serial number of your Solo to associate it with your account. Once it’s registered, you can configure it to your needs.

Streaming to LiveU Studio

  • Choose what service to stream to.
  • Select LiveU Studio in the destinations list.

First, give LiveU permission to access your LiveU Studio account and send the stream. Next, create a live event in LiveU Studio and Start Test.

Back in your Solo configuration, choose LiveU Studio, and notice that your event is now provided as an option to stream to.

  • Select the resolution profile.
  • Select the correct stream Zone (the same as the LiveU Studio zone).
  • Stream type :
    • New Stream -> Create automatically a new input in your Studio to stream to.
    • Existing Stream -> Stream to an existing input available in your production Studio or in your Media Bin.
  • Don't forget to submit your configuration.

Be sure your Solo is online and connected to your video source. If it is, you should see that the built-in screen shows that it’s ready to stream to the LiveU Studio event that you already set up and selected.

If your preview looks correct on LiveU Studio, everything is ready to go. Simply go live on your Solo and hit the “Start publishing & record” button on LiveU Studio.

In seconds, your video is being broadcast. Whenever you want to stop the stream, just press the play button twice. Since you’re already connected to this event, you can now just start and stop sending a stream by using the play button on the unit.

Don't forget to stop the stream after your live event (in LiveU AND LiveU Studio).

In case of trouble, set the following publication values on your LiveU Solo unit:

  • Override resolution enable = 720p
  • Bit rate enable = 2500 Kbps
  • Frame rate enable = 30 fps

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