Live streaming SRT to LiveU Studio with OBS studio

SRT which means "Secure Reliable Transport" is a broadcasting protocol that delivers high quality live streams with a low latency.

Using a SRT protocol, you will be able to:

- Optimize the video transport over unpredictable networks.
- Set up your own streaming server.

To know how you can broadcast live streaming SRT to LiveU Studio with OBS Studio, read the instructions below:

  • In the Production Studio (1), add an input (2).
  • In the Live source tab (3).
  • Select Encoder (Push) (4).
  • At the right side (SRT), select OBS.
  • Copy the provided URL.
  • Open OBS & enter the settings (A).
  • In the Stream tab (B), copy the URL provided by LiveU Studio in the field "Server" (C).
  • Start Streaming (D).
  • Return to the LiveU Studio control room.
  • Enable the OBS input and start the Test phase (E & F).
  • Check that your feed is properly received.

When ready, Start publishing & record.

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