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How to ingest a Wirecast feed in LiveU Studio?

First, add a new Wirecast live source in LiveU Studio.

  • In the Production Studio (1).
  • Add a new Input (2).
  • In the Live Source section (3), select Encoder (Push) (4).
  • Select Wirecast.

Your RTMP Server URL and stream name will be displayed, copy them.

  • Open Wirecast and go to the Output Settings panel.
  • Choose RTMP Server as an Output Destination.
  • Select an encoding profile (For MAC users, do not use the default "Apple H264" encoder, but instead, use "MainConcept H.264").
  • Then, next to the Encoding dropdown, select “New Preset”. This will make a copy of the preset you’re on. You’ll be prompted to name it.
  • In the “x264 command line options” field, type "--bframes 0".
  • Paste the address and stream provided by LiveU Studio (make sure to remove the / at the end of the address, because Wirecast adds one natively).
  • Check the "Location" field that there are not 2 "/" between the address and the stream name.
  • Start the broadcast on Wirecast.
  • Enable the Wirecast input in LiveU Studio (5) and start the Test phase to preview the received live feed (6).

Your feed is correctly received. When ready, just Start publishing & record (top right corner).

In case of a problem to send your stream in a stable way:

You can try to increase the encoding profile of Wirecast and/or LiveU Studio and switch to a high/fast or superfast profile.

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