Stream a scheduled Zoom meeting to LiveU Studio

Zoom is a conferencing platform in which you can organize live mettings with a team. You can also retrieve the live feed from Zoom and send it on cloud video mixer as LiveU Studio.

Stream your schedule live Zoom meeting on the LiveU Studio will allow you to:

- Have an outstanding organization: you know exactly when your live events are taking place.
- Know in advance if all your participants are available or if some will not be present.
- Configure your live feed by adding your graphic charter and all the overlays you want on your live feed through the LiveU Studio .

You need help to stream your sheduled Zoom meeting to LiveU Studio? Follow the steps below:

On LiveU Studio

  • In the Live source section (3), choose Encoder (push) (4).
  • In RTMP, choose Zoom (5).
  • Copy the provided Server URL/Stream Name.
  • Open Zoom in a new tab 
  • Make sure that the "Custom Live Streaming Service" setting is enabled on your Zoom account.
  • Enter the Meetings panel (6) & schedule a new meeting (7).
  • Setup your meeting.
  • Save your meeting (8).
  • Enter the Live streaming settings (9).
  • Paste the Server URL provided by LiveU Studio into the Stream URL field 
  • Paste the Stream Name provided by LiveU Studio (10) in the Stream Key field
  • Set "" in the "Live streaming page URL".
  • Save (11).
  • Start your meeting (12).
  • Click on "More" (13) & "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service" (14).

On LiveU Studio

  • Enable the input by clicking on it (15).
  • Start the test phase (16).
Your Zoom feed is successfully pushed onto LiveU Studio, now you can Start publishing & record.

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