Add a video media in my livestream

Adding live video media on your live sessions will allow you to:

- Switch between live content and pre-recorded one.
- Create a VOD adbreaks during your live sessions.
- Illustrate what someone is saying by showing an video example at the same time.
- Record a live session and upload the video as if you were live.

With the LiveU Studio Playlist feature, enhance the content you already have using our fully automated media playlist!

Prerequisites to adding video media: 

Encoding setup

  • Container: MPEG-4 (.mp4) / MKV or WebM or MOV
  • Encoding: H264 or H265 (HEVC)
  • Audio Encoding: AAC
  • Maximum Local File Size: 5 Gb
  • Maximum URLs file size: None
  • Frame size : Up to 1920x1080
  • Recommended encoding bitrate for 1080p: 5 to 10 Mbits/s

Find more informations about the supported encoding software at the end of the tutorial.

Adding a VOD to my production studio

  • Access the Production Studio of a live (1) and Add an input (2).
  • In the Video/Playlist section (3).
  • Select the desired file from (4):
    • Your local files (Max 5Gb)
    • URL(s) (No max size)
  • Enable your VOD(s) in the Production Studio (5).

Congratulations! Your VOD is now available.

Note that you can change the size of the video to create PIP effects (picture-in-picture),...

Encoding Software (compatible with LiveU Studio)


  • Movavi


  • Camtasia
  • Adobe After Effect + Media encoder 
  • Wondershare video converter
  • Online video converter
  • Movavi


  • Handbrake

NOT compatible Software

  • Compressor

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