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Add a Twitter news feed in 10 easy steps

A Twitter news banner is a banner in which you can display the latest tweet you made on your own account or on a selected one (one of your guests or a participant for example).

Displaying the Twitter news banners will highlight your latest news but also the retweets you made on followers.
This will be the best way for you to create a strong relationship with your attendees.

You have decided to highlight your Twitter actualities live? Do it in a simple and efficient way with LiveU Studio, you just need to:

  • Create a new live & Go to the control room (1&2).
  • Go to the Production Studio (3) and Add a new input (4).
  • In the Social section (5).
  • Select Add a Twitter module (6).
  • Enable the display of the input by double-clicking on it (7).

By default, there's the LiveU Studio Twitter news feed displayed, in order to modify it:

  • Go to the "Twitter" tab (8)
  • Enter the name of the Twitter account you want to display in the "Twitter Name" box (9).
  • Your Twitter's news feed is now well displayed on your LiveU Studio live stream!

You can also change the number of Tweets displayed, their display times,...

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