How to send a custom RTMP to my Twich channel?

Note that the settings applied to the "program feed" determine the maximum quality/format/resolution of your live. You can't create another format higher than this one, another way the output of the said format will not be optimal.

  • In the Publish tab (1).
  • Setup your Formats & qualities (2).
  • Add a publishing point (3).
  • In the RTMP/RTMPS tab -> Add a publishing point -> select Custom RTMP/RTMPS
  • Go to the Twitch Ingest point setup and select the optimal RTMP ingest point (based on the optimal network paths detected from Twitch to your device).
  • Copy/paste the ingest point on LiveU Studio.
  • Go to your Twitch Account and go to Creator Dashboard -> Settings -> Stream.
  • Copy the provided "Primary Stream Key".
  • Paste it on LiveU Studio.
  • Enable the publishing point by clicking on it.

Want to add some Live Source(s)? Or some media?

  • Otherwise, Start Test and Start publishing & record.
  • Go to your Twitch channel to check if the stream is already received.

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