How to stream in custom RTMP to Vimeo?

Vimeo's live streaming platform is a good option when you want to stream ad-free, broadcast-level video in 1080p HD anywhere and anytime.

If you broadcast your live stream in RTMP on Vimeo, you will have the possibility to:

- Reach your Vimeo audience.
- Reduce the latency of your live stream for an optimized interactivity.

Follow these steps if you want to stream in custom RTMP to Vimeo in a simple and effective way!

1. Follow this tutorial and add an RTMP destination point on Vimeo & copy the provided RTMP URL and the Stream Key.

2. On LiveU Studio

Check that the "continuous timecode" parameter is disabled and save the created RTMP.

  • Ready? Start the Test phase, then start Publishing & record on LiveU Studio.

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