Send my feed to a custom RTMP
  • In the Publish tab (1), click on Add or edit publishing points (2).
  • Click on RTMP/RTMPS (3) and Add or edit publishing points (4).
  • Select Custom RTMP/RTMPS.
  • Add a name to identify the publishing point and copy/paste the info provided previously by your producer.

Format it as follows: 


Or if you have username and password:


If port is not 1935 replace <host> by <host>:<port>

  • Enable the created publishing point by clicking on it (5).
  • Close the “Broadcasters menu” and start your live on LiveU Studio by clicking on Start test (6).
  • When ready, just hit Start publishing & record.

That's it! You're live-streaming to your custom RTMP (7).

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