What is the EasyShare RTMP publishing point and how to use it?

An Easy Share RTMP  is an RTMP publishing point hosted and provided by LiveU Studio if you do not have an RTMP server to send to.

It's also useful when you need to distribute a contribution feed to remote producers (Global endpoint) or if you need to feed multiple control room within LiveU Studio.

Contact your LiveU sales representative to access this feature.
We provide you with an RTMP output point that you can read (pull) from anywhere in the world (refer to the list of URLs provided when creating the output point depending on the location of the feed viewer, please find an example bellow).

Please note that an easyshare RTMP link should not be read/pulled more than 10 times simultaneously and therefore should not be embedded on a publicly accessible site (beyond 10 readings there is a risk to encounter stability problems).

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