How to stream to Twitter?

To publish on your Twitter account very easily, just follow this steps:

  • In the Publish tab (1)
  • Add a publishing point (2).
  • Add my first Twitter account in LiveU Studio with the "Log in with Twitter" button (3).
  • Authorize LiveU Studio to use your managed account.
  • You can now publish on this Twitter account by selecting it.
  • Enter the publishing phase.

That's it! You are live Streaming on your Twitter account!

Want to add another account by keeping the first one in LiveU Studio?

  • Disconnect the first Twitter account and log in the second one.
  • Back on LiveU Studio, click again on "Log in with Twitter with new user".

Both of your accounts are now available as a publication points.

Added the same account twice? No worries! Simply click on the trash can icon of one of the duplicated accounts.

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