Stream to AWS Elemental MediaLive in RTP
  • Login to AWS MediaLive and "Create a new channel" (1)(or edit your existing channel).
  • Set your channel name (2).
  • Add "Input attachments" (3).
  • Click on "Create Input" (4).
  • Setup your Input name and type (5).
  • In-Network mode, select "Public" (6).
  • In the Input security group, select "Create" (7).
  • Set as CIDR block (8).
  • Click on "Create security group" (9).
  • Select the created security group and click on "Create" (10).
  • Copy the RTP destinations links (11).
  • Confirm (12).
  • Setup your output (13).
  • Validate the creation of the channel with "Create channel" (14).
  • Start your channel on AWS (15).
  • On LiveU Studio live event, in the Publish section.
  • Add or edit a publishing point (16).
  • In the MPEG-TS section (17).
  • Add a publishing point (18).
  • Select "MPEG-TS over RTP".
  • Paste the RTP destinations points previously provided by AWS MediaLive (available in the AWS "Inputs" tab).
  • Repeat the operation with the second destination point.
  • Select the created publishing points.
  • If you're ready to start streaming, click on Start publishing & record on LiveU Studio.

Your stream is now sent to your AWS MediaLive RTP entry point.

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