How to send my feed in SRT (Secure Reliable Transport)?

Sending your feed in SRT will give you the opportunity to:

- Send your live stream in ultra low latency.
- Maintain optimal video quality until the end of your broadcast.

You want to send your live feed in SRT? Discover here all the details on how to do it easily.

Check that your SRT server is available

  • Join or create a live stream in LiveU Studio.
  • Go to the Publish section (1) on the left side.
  • Add a publishing point (2) at the right side.
  • Go to the SRT Secure Reliable Transport (3) section and Add a publishing point (4).

Please note that the SRT Passphrase encryption is not available.

  • Select the publishing point.

Want to add some input(s)?

Otherwise, Start publishing & record!

  • That's it! Let's check if your feed is well received on your SRT server.

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