How to stream to using Whip protocol

If you're looking to stream from LiveU Studio to (Millicast) in Whip, it's important to understand the steps involved. This support article will guide you through the process step by step.

Configure and retrieve your WHIP URL

  • Create a (Millicast) account First. 

  • Go to the "Live Broadcast" dashboard (A) and click on "CREATE" (B) or enter the setting panel of an existing broadcast. Fill in the necessary information and click on "confirm" to finish.

Once you've created a new live broadcast.

  • Click on the cogwheel (C) and you'll find the WHIP endpoint and Publishing token in the Publishing section (D).

  • Copy both of these values (E).

Configure LiveU Studio to stream to

  • Open LiveU Studio and go to the "Publish" section (1). Click on "Add a publishing point" (2).

  • Select "Whip" (3) from the menu and add a publishing point (4).

  • Paste the WHIP endpoint and Publishing token (E) that you obtained from into the appropriate fields.

  • Save the publishing point and select it.
  • Start testing  from LiveU Studio.
  • Start publishing from LiveU Studio to

That's it! You are live on using LiveU Studio.

Attention: We recommend to publish with a max bitrate of 4mbps.
A bitrate of 4Mbit/s up to 6Mbit/s may cause instabilities or artifacts, above 6Mbit/s problems will be visible and/or your stream will not start.

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