How to stream from Studio to Wowza using SRT

To publish to WOWZA you will first need to setup an event on it and retrieve the SRT URLand port to stream to. To do that:

  • In Wowza, Add a new live Stream (A).
  • Choose the closest location where you're broadcasting from (B).
  • On the next slide, select SRT encoder type.
  • Your event is created.

Scroll down to find the SRT URL and port number to stream to.

  • Go to LiveU Studio.
  • In the Publish section (1) -> Add a new publishing point (2).

Wowza encoding best practices and recommendations

  • Select SRT (3).
  • Add a publishing point (4).
  • Copy the URL(Hostname) and port provided by Wowza. (please remove the "srt://" part from the provided URL)
  • Select the SRT publishing point created.
  • Start the live stream on Wowza.
  • Start the test & Publishing phase on LiveU Studio.

That's it! Your feed is now sent from LiveU Studio to your Wowza player.

You can now embed your Wowza player on your website, share the player link to your audience, etc.

Don't forget to stop your event on LiveU Studio (end button) and on the Wowza side.