How to stream to YouTube Live?

There are 2 ways to stream on YouTube:

1) Native integration

  • Authorize LiveU Studio to use your managed account
  • Open your YouTube Studio.
  • Create or schedule a stream by clicking on "Create -> Go live" (3&4).
  • Once your YouTube stream is configured, go back to LiveU Studio.

You should see in the Studio the list of all your YouTube Stream Keys available (in my case I only have one stream key configured).

  • Select the same Stream Key as the one configured when creating your Stream on YouTube.
  • When you're ready to go live on YouTube, hit the Start publishing and record button.
  • Check that your stream is correctly received.

In case of modification/resetting of the YouTube stream key, or of an error when starting the publication, please deselect the publication point -> Hit the refresh button to refresh the Stream keys list and select the correct Stream Key again.

Problem adding your account? Don't panic!
  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Go to your settings -> Channel Status and Features.
  • Verify that features requiring phone number validation are enabled.

In case of error message when linking to your account "internal error ecountered" it indicates that your YouTube account has corrupted/obsolete Stream Keys, in this case we invite you to delete your obsolete Stream Keys in your YouTube Studio before retrying the link to Studio.

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