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How to add or remove a payment method?

When you start live streaming with LiveU Studio you get a 14-day free trial and you don't even need to enter your credit card.

LiveU Studio wants to give you the opportunity to test and explore its platform in all serenity. That's why for 14 days, you don't need to sign up and you have free access to our studio.
The payment is made only if you decide to commit to LiveU Studio.

Otherwise, after 14 days, your access to the platform is closed and no money is taken.
After your 14-day trial, if you wish to subscribe you must enter a payment method on the site.

Don't worry, adding or removing your payment method on LiveU Studio website is very easy in just a few clicks. Find out how in this tutorial:

  • Login to LiveU Studio.
  • In the search field (1), check that you are on the main account/project.
  • Then, click on "Manage [main account name]" (2).

If the "Manage[main account name]" button does not appear, it is either :

  • That you are not an administrator of the main account.
  • That you have not selected the right main account (the one that is billed).
  • Click on "Add payment card" and add you card informations (3).

If you can't add a payment method please click on "Subscribe now" (4). 

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