How the automated guest feature works?

The auto guest feature present in the return template of your guests (or in your multiview) allows to display the remote guests automatically according to their number.

The auto guest section will behave like a Hangout/Meet/Zoom window, i.e. as soon as a guest is added or disappeared from the studio the display of all the guests will be updated automatically according to the guests present.

Once enabled you have no action to take in the template section if a guest is added or removed.

This feature is useful during a conference/interview or during an exchange between several people.

Enable an automated guests template

  • Once a remote guest is added you can select the template that your guest will see in the Guests section (1 & 2).

Please note that you have several possibilities for the Automated Guests template (3) :

  • All guests : return all the guests present in the studio (they can all see and hear each other).
  • On Air / Waiting in Green Room : separates the guests in 2 groups:>
    • Those whose return is enabled in the program (on air) can see and talk to each other (but they can not see/hear the guests who are in the Green Room).
    • And those who are waiting in the green room can see and talk to each other (but they can not see/hear the guests on air unless the program is also returned to them).

This feature is very usefull for workflow like Show, interview,... Let's see some example of workflow using the automated guest template.

SHOW example with 6 invited guests:

1. Program : ON AIR (3 guests can hear and chat between each other)
-> Those 3 guests are live 
-> They do not see or and hear the other 3 in the waiting room
2. GREEN Room : (waiting room before going live and be prepared once the will be in the show and so on air)
-> Those 3 Guests are chatting and hearing each other but not on AIR ( so the guest live do not hear them)
-> Those Guests can see what is going on in the Program/On Air (if the program is also returned to them)
ADVICE For the producer setting up the show on LiveU Studio: 
If during a show you have a producer managing all the guests, be sure to select the template "Automated guest" with the Program (on air) + Producer.
Doing that the producer will be in contact all the time with all guests ( ON Air and in the Waiting room ) and the Guests will be able to discuss with the producer of the show)
To set up a show like this please follow this steps:
  • Add 6 remote capture inputs in your production studio.
  • Enter the guest management section (1).
  • Choose "Setup for all" (you want to apply the same template to all guest) (2).
  • Select the desired template in the Basic templates, then add the Program & Producer input. (3).
    • For the automated guest input, please select "On Air/ Waiting in the Green Room" (3).
  • Apply the new changes (4).

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