How to setup multiple remote guests? (Mix minus)

Setup multiple remote guests will give you the opportunity to:

- Invite all the guests you want to your live event.
- Do not have travel constraints in the organization of your event.

To setup multiple remote guests, you just have to retrieve the live feeds of your guests and follow the following steps:

Add the remote guest inputs

  • In the Production Studio (1).
  • Start the test phase (2).
  • Add an input (3).
  • In the Live source tab (4)
  • Select Remote capture (5).
  • Share the provided link to your remote guests (6).

Repeat the operation 3 to 6 for each of your remote guests (in this example we have 3 remote guests: Guest A, Guest B, and Guest C).

  • Enable the Remote capture live sources in the control room by clicking on it.

Please note that you can choose to organize your guests in 2 ways:

  • From a Template (from 1 to 9 inputs).
  • Or via 3 separate layers.
  • From a template

Please put all the remote capture inputs on the same layer -> add a Template input.

Your guests are now well positioned in the program, let's configure their audio/video return experience.

  • Go to the Guest management section (7).

Via this panel you can :

  1. Edit your remote guests' audio and video parameters. These settings are specific to each guest.
  2. Manage the disposition of your guest's return.
  3. Customize the audio/video return of your guests individually or of all guests at once via the All panel.
  • For our conference case we will use the All panel (8).
  • If needed, chance the guest video return template (9).
  • Edit the displayed assets with the green "..." button.
  • Add the Program and the other guests -> Apply the changes

Please note that you also can :

A. Enable or disable the audio return of an assets. (by default the audio return of each guest is disabled for itself to avoid an echo effect, no action is necessary on your part).
B. Change the return quality of an assets.

Remote guests

Send this cheat sheet to your remote guests

  • Open the previously sent link*. For Android devices please use only the Google Chrome browser, for iPhone (IOS) please use only the Safari browser.

If needed, allow LiveU Studio to use the devices' microphone/camera.

  • When ready to stream, simply click on "START & JOIN".
  • Return to the LiveU Studio platform to check if the stream is received (if not, check the status of your internet connection, the bandwidth on your device may be too low). 

* If you get a gray screen or a sound problem -> check that you have no Bluetooth speakers or other audio devices that could conflict with the LiveU Studio system.

Now test everything that matters

  1. connect one by one your speakers and put them on the program.
  2. listen to each of them in the Control Room AND on the output of the control room.

Check the stream on VLC.

  • In the LiveU Studio Publish tab (1), click on the RTMP recording button (2) and copy the provided URL.
  • Paste this URL in VLC (Open network stream).
  • You can now look at the quality we are currently delivering.
  • Make sure that each speaker is sending stereo audio (on both sides).
  1. test all your hotkeys / scenes to make sure everyone is sitting correctly for all hotkeys.
  2. Make everyone talk with each other and tell everyone to use the exact same device in the same conditions for the real show!

Ready to go live? Start publishing & record. Enjoy.

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