Enable the emotions for your remote guests

At LiveU Studio, we believe that emojis are a great way to communicate emotions, quickly and effectively.

That's why we've developed a feature on our remote guest interface that allows people participating in the live event to post their reactions using emojis visible to the audience. This feature gives participants the opportunity to get even more involved in the live event!

Once activated, the emoticons sent in the "Groups" chat of your remote guests are directly displayed on their webcam feed with an animation.

To enable the emoticon/emotion option please follow these steps:

  • Go to "Manage my account" (1&2).
  • Check the Emotions box (3).

Congratulations, you have enabled emoji animations for your remote guests! Each time a guest sends an emoticon in the group chat, he will receive an emoticon animation on his webcam.

Disable some emoji for your remote guest

  • You can disable specific emojis manually via the edit button (4).

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