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Enable or disable some remote guest features

If your guest is using a pro microphone setup, it is possible that it encounters problems. If this is the case, he may have to disable some audio options such as noise suppression, etc. to find the ideal configuration for his setup.

To enable/disable some of the settings/functionality of the remote guest, you can use "Audio advanced settings" section.

  • Automatic gain control

Enabled by default, the Automatic gain control is a feature in which a sound source automatically manages changes in the volume of its source media to maintain a steady overall volume level. This feature is typically used on microphones, although it can be provided by other input sources as well.

  • Echo cancellation

Enabled by default, Echo cancellation remove echo but alter the audio, disabling this feature can create echo but the sound will be more faithful.

  • Noise suppression

Enabled by default, Noise suppression automatically filters audio to remove background noise caused by equipment, etc.

  • Stereo 

Force same audio on left and right (for change mono to stereo).

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