How to create a IFB (Interruptible foldback)?
Add your technical director audio input
  • In the LiveU Studio Production Studio (1), add an input (2).
  • In the "Live source" tab (3), and select "Capture audio device" (4).
Add your remote guest input
  • Add a new layer (5).
  • Add a new input (6).
  • Again, in the Live source tab, add a Remote capture input(7).
  • Share the provided link to your remote guest.
  • Enable the remote capture input by clicking on it (8).
  • To enable the audio/video return, Start the test phase (9).
Start the Technical director audio return
  • Click on the Technical Director (TD) green pen (10).
  • Select the desired microphone and click on "Start & Join" (11).
Set up the remote guest
  • Open the remote capture settings panel (12 & 13).
  • Select a 3 inputs template (or more if you want to post more returns to your guest).
  • Edit the displayed assets with the green "..." button.
  • Select the guest displayed assets (TD + Guest + Program).

Once the guest configuration is saved, close the page, your IFB is now configured.

Send this cheat sheet to your remote guests
On the remote guest device
  • Open the link previously send by LiveU Studio.
  • Select the video/audio device.
  • Start & Join.
  • Your remote guest can now hear the TD on their device.

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