How to manage my past/future broadcasts?

Broadcast scheduling allows you to:

  • Simply manage your past/future broadcasts.
  • Start your broadcasts instantly (no waiting for server creation if live is scheduled).

To plan your live you can:

  1. Use the "Create a new live stream" button and manually enter the desired start date/time.
  2. Select the desired start date/time slot on the calendar via a click. 

In case of a scheduling error, you can change the time/date of your broadcast by drag & drop your live on the calendar.

Facebook Warning:

For Facebook broadcasts, these must be started 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled live start time.
(For example, if your live is scheduled to start at 10:00, and you want to broadcast this live on Facebook you will need to start the live on LiveU Studio around 9:50, this allows an increase in the pre-broadcast audience), a later start would result in the deletion of the live event on Facebook. 

It is possible to consult your past/future lives via:

  1. The calendar. 
  2. The "Scheduled live streams" and "Ended live streams" buttons are located at the top right of the LiveU Studio homepage.

Congratulations! Now you know how to manage your past and future broadcasts.

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