Knowledge Base Troubleshooting Troobleshooting your main feed
You have some trouble to publish your main feed?

This little guide is here to help you to troubleshoot using the tools we provide.

DO NOT PANIC: Technical problems arrive and panicking won’t help. You must remain calm to troubleshoot effectively.

The troubles can come from:
- Your Internet connection.
- The network lock.
- A wrong encoder configuration.

I can't retrieve my live feed on LiveU Studio

  • Check that you're in the Testing or Publishing phase on LiveU Studio.
  • Check if the feed is correctly sent:

    • Download VLC
    • In the LiveU Studio Production section (1).
    • Click on the problematic RTMP input (2).
    • Click on View (3).
    • Copy the provided URL (4).
  • Paste this URL in VLC (Open network stream).

⇒ Do you receive the stream in VLC?

Yes ⇒ The feed should be visible in the LiveU Studio, if this is not the case please contact us via chat or mail.

No ⇒ This indicates you have a local problem (internet connection/network lock/bad encoder configuration).

Please check :

  • Check that your encoder is sending the feed and that the encoding profile is as follows :
    • Video profile: H264 or H265
    • Audio profile: AAC, 48Khz
    • Key Frame interval: 2 sec
    • Bitrate recommendations

If the problem persists don't hesitate to contact us by chat.

Viewers are complaining about the stream

Check the stream on VLC

  • In the LiveU Studio Publish tab (1), click on the RTMP recording button (2) and copy the provided URL.
  • Paste this URL in VLC (Open network stream).

You can now look at the quality we are currently delivering.

⇒ Is the quality of the live feed as expected?

Yes ⇒ It's a local problem (on the viewer side) or a problem on the server of the social network you are sending to, there is nothing to do.

No ⇒ go to the next step and let's check the received feed (input).

Open the monitoring (left vertical bar)

  • Bitrate variations

    Too many variations imply an issue with the live source you are ingesting.

  • Profiles you might get:

What to do in case of a problem with the feed received by LiveU Studio?

  • Contact your network technician.
  • If the bandwidth is used by other devices -> setup a QoS on the device emitting the feed.
  • Use a second internet connection to publish a backup feed.
  • If the minimum local delay is:
    • Less or equal to 2s -> set the LU Studio input delay value to auto.
    • Greater than 2s -> increase the latency (put the same delay value in your encoder than in LiveU Studio).
  • Your bandwidth is too low/unstable:
    1. Setup a QoS on the device emitting the feed. 
    2. Decrease the encoders output bitrate
    3. Increase the latency (put the same delay value in your encoder than in LiveU Studio).
    4. Decrease the encoder's output resolution
  • In case of slow down/fps problem in 1080p 60 fps:
    • Reduce the number of layers and/or sources to the minimum (you can use hotkeys to optimize the number of input/layers).

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